pray for whatever you think is your coathanger of life, but don't be a dick about it EP

by Qindek



The things that are happening in this world at this moment are plain and simple wrong. Bombings, shootouts, massacres, genocides, terror and what not. We are the generation who witness it all and get all kinds of (mis)information about events that take place in this world.

Luckily for us we are with many who have found out that we are not that different from one another. That we are all stardust, born on this planet with no clear reason (yet).

Most of us have their believes, and should have the freedom to live that believe. But in NO way this believe should be a reason to hurt and oppress another living being.

We are a generation who have the chance to create our own world, because we have had the freedom to form our own opinions, to live the life we want. And for that freedom i am willing stand up and never cave for terror or any other form of suppresion.

What i made tonight is an ode to that idea, that we are all one. And i hope we can move on to the next level after this cr:isis is resolved.

One love


released November 16, 2015



all rights reserved


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